What to do in Orlando, Enzian Theater

Fun things to do in Orlando, Visit Enzian Theater


Perfect for a date night. The Enzian Theater has several different areas for dinning in it’s theater yes I said dinning and their food and beverages are excellent. They have a fantastic menu with high quality food. There is a full bar service outside that you are more than welcome to bring indoors. Back to the seating. There is love seats and also traditional movies seats at the bottom of the theater and the rest is filled with tables that fit 3 comfortable and 4 if you need to squeeze in.

Enzian Theater also has free movies outside if the weather permits. I think once a months but it might be more often. Great place to see independent movies and Cult classics. Don’t forget the Film Festival.

Another Fun thing to do in Orlando.

Regular Programming
General Admission $11.00 / Student/Senior/Military (with ID) $9.00
Matinees $9.00
Film Society Members $8.50 at all times

What to do in Orlando, Enzian Theater

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    I go to Enzian weekly, I mainly go for the company and the food. Great group of people who all have a love for Foreign, Independent, Animated shorts, and Film Festival movies.

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