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Another Fun Thing to Do in Orlando, Zoom Air Orlando Zip lines

What I love about this place is first that it’s close by. I’m used to traveling to different countries and having these great experiences and now they are in my backyard. It’s nothing compared to the ones in Brazil or Costa Rica but they still make for fun things to do in Orlando. My favorite part is all the rope bridges and other moving obstacles. There are three adventure courses. One is for children and the other two are for kids older. The other two course are for people over 52 inches tall.

The Central Florida Zoo is on the same property and I usually take my daughter there as well. You can now feed the Giraffes. I’ll have to write about that as another fun thing to do in Orlando.

You must bring sneakers or they will not allow you on. The first time I went I had five fingers shoes on and I wasn’t allowed to participate.

Closed, secured, athletic footwear required
(no sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, slippers, Five-Finger shoes, etc.)

PREGNANT WOMEN are expressly prohibited from going on any ZOOm Air course.

Children under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the release register

Children 12 and under must have a parent/guardian follow them (from the ground is okay) throughout the course.

Fun things to do in Orlando Fun-Things-To-Do-In-Orlando ziplining zip line zip line orlando best zipline


Children’s Courses: Between 36″ and 60″ and at least 4 years old
Upland and Rainforest: At least 54″ tall

No refunds after safety briefing has been conducted.

Anyone who has been drinking alcoholic beverages or taking medication or other substances that may affect their ability to perform on the course is prohibited from going on the course. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS IF STAFF NOTICES YOU ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE AFTER YOU PURCHASE A BRACELET.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to, or order off the course, anyone who disregards the safety rules or who appears to our staff to be unable to safely complete the course. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS if such action is required.

Maximum waist size for harnesses is 48″; maximum thigh size 26″.

Typical time to complete Upland course is one and one-half hours, to complete Upland and Rainforest, allow two and one-half hours.

Bring photo ID for one member of your party, to be held by Zoom Air until your harnesses are returned.

NO REFUNDS, RAIN CHECKS, OR RETURNS TO FINISH COURSE if course is closed due to weather issues.




Kids’ Course * (must be 36”-60” tall and at least 4 years old)

$19.75 plus tax

Second round on Kids’ Course *

$12.95 plus tax
Upland (must be over 54” tall)

$30.95 plus tax
Add all of Rainforest after Upland

$24.95 plus tax
Add Big Zips after Upland (part of Rainforest)**

Check there website for more information:http://www.zoomair.us/orlando/

What to do in Orlando, Zoom Air Orlando Zip lines

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    Adventurous. I personally enjoyed all the hanging bridges. Some have logs that swing that you have to try and sway to. This is a great play for kids. I always see parties of kids having there holiday events here and school activities. Zoom Air has been a favorite of mine for years. We’ve been there several times with friends and family. Want to know what the weather is like. Go to http://www.OrlandoWeather1.com

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