Fun Things To Do In Orlando

Every time that I go to a site I see Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc. It’s time to have an honest opinion from a person who lives in Orlando Florida and is always looking for Fun Things To Do In Orlando. I’ve lived in The Orlando area for over 14 years now. I hope that I know a few fun things to do in Orlando by now.

Orlando is filled with a verity of Fun things to do and the best part is that it’s not all just theme parks. I’m going to branch out from the iDrive area and give you an idea of what other fun things that you can do in Orlando.

A little about myself. I love to travel and see the world. I am constantly looking for fun things to do in Orlando. I live for adventure and Orlando is a central part to launch off from. Orlando has offered me hiking, camping, Floating down rivers, Swimming in beautiful springs, Kayaking, Nightlife, Amazing restaurants, Theme parks, tons of other attractions. My personal page That site explains who I am better than I can.

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    I always Find Fun Things to Do in Orlando. With a three year old she is always wanting to go somewhere. She loves going Kayaking with me and out on the boat. Rock Springs is her favorite. Although its a natural spring with ice cold water she still loves to float down it. Oh and Chucky Cheese. Now she thinks that the next fun thing to do is to go on an airplane. Baby steps. There are plenty of fun things to do in Orlando. I have been traveling all over the world and to this day Downtown Orlando has the best night scene. Ofcourse ibar is my favorite but there are all these little speak easy bars opening up and hipster bars. There is a place for everyone. Another of my favorite places to go is to Enzian.

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