Snowhill Mountain Bike Trail

Regular bike day with friends at Snowhill Trail, Oviedo Florida.

Snowhill Mountain Bike Trail Fun Things TO Do In Orlando

The outdoor enthusiast will enjoy Snowhill mountain bike trail in the Little Big Econ State Forest. Snowhill trail has many single pine-needle-layered trails, some sugar-sand parts, woopdeedoos, and river crossing by suspension bridge, as well as some steep drops. Snowhill Mountain Bike Trail

Snowhill Mountain Bike Trail’s winding singletrack network, can be difficult to figure out the first time- study the map at the trailhead carefully, and even then it can take a few visits to understand the layout, he trails are poorly marked. The riding is excellent- starting north from the trailhead, the paths start out easy then they become more challenging up by the creek and then up by the Econ River. To keep things interesting the western half of the park features tight, technical riding. It’s minimal elevation change, but some short rises near the Econ creek or river. Awesome Jeep roads run throughout the park if a bailout is needed. Sort of like Hanna Park in Jacksonville, but the loop is longer if you ride the whole thing.


Snowhill Mountain Bike Trail map fun things to do in orlando  Snowhill Mountain Bike Trail map fun things to do in orlando

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